Exploration is the guiding force of my life. It's what feeds my curiosity, and motivates me to choose the unknown over the known. I'm fascinated by other cultures, people, traditions, belief systems, rituals and various modes of artistic expression. Consequently, I've spent the last 20 years traveling to places, near and far — places which inspire me, pique my interest, challenge my preconceived notions, teach me something about life that I might not have learned otherwise. Years ago, I made a list of "must-experience" places and I made it my priority above all else to fill my passport with stamps from those countries. 45 countries later and time to think in between each trip, my definition of exploration has expanded beyond the world map.

Looking back I realize that although I was focused on my outer journey, beneath the surface an inner voyage was underway. I set sail in search of meaning and purpose as a result of a painful past. These projects are a reflection, but not the DNA of that inner journey. What I experienced during my far-off trips to unfamiliar territory served as the raw material for the creative projects I dreamed up and developed. To see them, click on the visuals and sounds icons in the Outer World section. I've included projects that never saw the public eye here, because looking back, each project was an exploration in its own right, whose success or shortcomings can only be judged through hindsight. Looking at them now, they all seem to have been steps leading to this place in time.

If you want to know more about my inner journey, click on Inner World.